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Hear from our members

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Bel's daughter is a 3rd generation physie dancer and joins an extended family of mothers, aunts, cousins, second cousins, granddaughters and daughters.  You could say It's in the Blood

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Physie is a competitive and yet nurturing environment for all members of all age groups and all abilities.

Being surrounded by like minded girls and women  of all ages has had a profound influence on my daughter and myself. 

Physie has bonded their families together as husbands, brothers, and grand fathers all participate behind the scenes supporting their Physie club and personal goals.

Physie dancing is an incredibly bonding experience amongst its members.  It has a culture of helping each other succeed individually and collectively in a team and club environment.

At 18 months Bel would follow her older sister around the physie dance floor eager to practice the positions and dance to the music.  After having her own daughter it was a natural progression to start her at 18 months old too.  And she LOVES it!

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"My daughter and I have been physie dancing since she was 3 (and I was in my 40s).  Its fantastic exercise for your posture and flexibility and works wonders for your own mindfulness and self esteem."

"I can't recommend it highly enough no matter what your age, experience or ability."

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